More Problems Arise for ‘Exorcist’ Prequel- but This is Good!

Warner Brothers and Morgan Creek just can’t seem to get the demons off their new horror film Exorcist: The Beginning. Everything just keeps going wrong, even after re-shooting the entire movie with Renny Harlin, they still have more challenges to face, such as the dreaded MPAA, who has just slapped the film with a NC-17 rating. Read on for details…
Captain Howdy writes:

That is the question… It was revealed recently the MPAA will slap the new Exorcist prequel Exorcist: The Beginning with an NC-17 rating, ‘due to the film being to graphic and violent’.

I was contacted by Greg Mielcarz, Head of Worldwide Publicity at Morgan Creek Studios, who has been keeping fans up-to-date with recent progress on our Exorcist Fan Forum.

“Morgan Creek and Warner Bros. are trying to appeal the decision, but being as we’re only 34 days from release, the filmmakers might cut the scenes deemed inappropriate in order to secure an ‘R’ rating”, Greg said.

Exorcist: The Beginning opens in the U.S. on August 20, with following countries to receive release in the weeks following.

Hopefully, having to cut such graphic scenes won’t have too much of an impact on the quality or reception of the film. There is still no official word as to whether scenes will be cut.

“If that’s the case, fans can look forward to seeing these deleted scenes on DVD.” said Greg.

Source: Captain Howdy