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Actress Sanny van Heteren Discusses ‘Hellraiser: Revelations’ Cenobites!



Cenobites are, of course, the centerpiece of any Hellraiser film, so when B-D spoke with actress Sanny van Heteren about her role in the latest sequel, entitled Revelations, we had to ask which of our favorite extradimensional demons would be returning this go-round. The answer: three. Disappointed? Blame the studio. See, that rather skimpy number, according to van Heteren, is due to budget constraints. Of course, this news may further add to the skepticism of fans already bummed that Doug Bradley won’t be reprising his role as Pinhead for the first time in franchise history. So besides Pinhead, which Cenobites can we expect, anyway?
Due to the budget, it’s limited,” van Heteren told us. “It’s basically Chatterer, Pinhead, and ‘pseudo-Pinhead’.

Cool, good to know Chatterer is back (my second favorite after Pinhead), but Pseudo-Pinhead? I still don’t understand what that means exactly.

Yeah well, that’s the whole deal, that’s why we can’t tell you about it!” she laughed.

Three Cenobites may not be a lot, true, but it’s all about how they’re utilized. Let’s hope director Victor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill, Mirrors 2) can milk those babies for all they’re worth.

Sanny van Heteren


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