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First Official Stills For ‘The Woman In Black’

It was just over a month ago that we saw the Hammer logo blaze across the big screen for the first time in years during Let Me In‘s credits, and, if the quality of Matt Reeves’ film was any indication of how great the resurrected studio’s output will be, we luckily will only have to wait until next year see it again in front of The Woman In Black. James Watkins’ follow-up to Eden Lake, starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Ciarán Hinds (There Will Be Blood), and Janet McTeer (Tideland), was originally planned to shoot in 3D, but is thankfully now just 2D. The film follows a young lawyer (Radcliffe) who travels to a remote village to close out an estate, only to find the locals living in fear over a ghost with evil intentions. It was originally a novel written by Susan Hill in 1983, and was later adapted for television by ITV in 1989. Today, Hammer released the first official stills from the film, currently shooting in England, which might or might not be the most boring promo photos I’ve seen. Sure, it looks like the film captures the gothic nature of the story well, but, as The Wolfman reminded us earlier this year, looks aren’t everything. Here’s hoping the combined power of Watkins and Hammer can churn out something far better than Joe Johnston and never-ending re-shoots.
Woman In Black 2

Woman In Black 1



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