'One Way Trip 3D' Gets Some Stills - Bloody Disgusting!

‘One Way Trip 3D’ Gets Some Stills

I don’t think anyone is ever going to accuse My Bloody Valentine 3D of being a “good” movie, but it’s certainly fun and worth watching multiple times with a room full of friends and some beer. And, out of all the modern day 3D horror I’ve seen, it used the gimmick best, flinging body parts and blood at the screen with gleeful abandon. One Way Trip 3D, a German slasher currently in production, looks to follow suit; the ordinary and cliche plot certainly warrants the use of extensive, gimmicky 3D in order to make it fun. A few stills made their way to the net today via the film’s Facebook page, featuring lots of fire and digit amputation. Here’s hoping the slasher celebrates the stupidity of its formula through over-the-top 3D and humor, rather than become something straight-faced and pointless like Night Of The Living Dead 3D – Yikes!