Horror In Your House: April 10th, 2012 - Bloody Disgusting
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Horror In Your House: April 10th, 2012



The Dark Shadows hype has led to a full release of the series by MPI. Yeah, all 1200+ episodes on 131 discs. I wonder if anyone has seen every episode? At 457 hours it’s just slight longer than the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Slightly. In other news there are a couple low budget flicks from Media Blasters and Anchor Bay that might interest you, but it’s unlikely. It’s been a rather blah last couple weeks. – Micah

CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE II – Spooked Television Releasing

From acclaimed filmmakers The Booth Brothers creators of Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), Spooked, The Possessed, Children Of The Grave, The Haunted Boy as seen on SyFy and Chiller. This shocking new paranormal, documentary film continues the true hauntings of ghost children and their emotional stories of the supernatural. Featuring never before seen real ghost evidence. Emotional, Supernatural and Scary. Jump for your Afterlife!

MICAH SAYS: There was a Children of the Grave I? Huh. Never heard of it. Anyone?


This limited edition boxed set contains every eerie episode of the original Gothic suspense series DARK SHADOWS (1966-1971) plus a wealth of bonus interviews with the stars and creative members that made the supernatural thriller a cult favorite and an enduring television classic.

MICAH SAYS: I’ve been watching this show a bit on Netflix Instant (it starts with Barnabas (aka Johnny Depp’s new role) introduction into the series and I quite like it. It’s ridiculous, clearly made on the cheap, but it’s got a charm that draws you in. This set is a WHOPPING 131 DVDs with all 1,225 episodes and looks like a mini coffin. That is flat out staggering. Bravo, MPI.Bravo. PICK OF THE WEEK (if you can afford it).

DEATH STOP HOLOCAUST (DVD, Blu-ray) – Media Blasters Inc

Two young women escape to their father’s summer home on a remote island for a vacation getaway. As they travel deeper onto the island, a nightmare unfolds when a group of masked assailants begins to trap, torment, and torture
their prey.


When the soul of the deceased revisits the living, we call it a ghost. Sometimes it appears as an ethereal mist or a shadow, sometimes as a vague likeness of the deceased, sometimes as only a sound. Ghost Stories is a drama series about visits from beyond the grave. Forty-four spine tingling episodes of the eerie, the supernatural and the downright unbelievable…but true!

RAT SCRATCH FEVER – Media Blasters Inc.

Brought back from a doomed space mission, an army of giant rats develops a big appetite for Los Angeles residents! Filmed using miniature sets, puppets, and green screens.


When a virus is released in the Federal Building, causing employees to instantly become aggressive, a group of the uninfected must band together and fight to get out with their lives. But time is running out. The adrenal system of those infected has kicked into overdrive, and a government conspiracy threatens to take the building.

THOU SHALL NOT KILL…EXCEPT (Blu-ray) – Synapse Films

Vietnam, 1969. War is Hell. For Marine Sergeant Jack Stryker (Brian Schulz), however, Hell is just the beginning. Trapped outside a Viet Cong village, Stryker takes two bullets to the leg. Sent home from the war, he discovers his ex-girlfriend (Cheryl Hausen) has been kidnapped by a religious cult with a vicious Manson-like leader (played by THE EVIL DEAD and SPIDER-MAN trilogy director, Sam Raimi). Stryker teams up with some marine friends to form an assassination squad and annihilate the gang of crazed killers. Synapse Films is proud to present THOU SHALT NOT KILL… EXCEPT in an all-new 2K high-definition transfer from the original negative. Directed by Josh Becker, this must-see (Detroit Free Press) cult classic features many of the people responsible for THE EVIL DEAD, including co-writer Bruce Campbell, writer/producer Scott Spiegel, composer Joseph LoDuca and actors Ted Raimi and Sam Raimi.

MICAH SAYS: For The Evil Dead completists out there. Figured there might be a little interest in this flick on Blu.


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