David Gordon Green Determined To Remake ‘Suspiria’, Production Slated For September.

  • Trevor Hodge

    “We love the style and energy of the original film”…If you love it so much then leave it alone! “And David’s script brilliantly updates the world”…Yeah, now the actors are One Tree Hill rejects who stare at their cellphone.

    I’ve seen Suspiria. I know how it ends. Why would I see it again? And I PROMISE you…these guys love the lighting style Argento used? I promise they’ll use the same old washed-out J-horror color scheme…Im getting too angry over a movie. I’ll shut up now

  • http://fridaythe13thfilms.com tlyon2

    There’s no need to do a remake of this film,we already know how it ends.

  • http://XXX FleshLives

    If you so-called artists loved the style and energy of the original, why don’t you try to write a horror movie ORIGINAL with the feel of Suspiria instead of redoing it!!! I love movies, I love Suspiria and I hate people and I hate this industry full of people hating movies.

  • daniel clavette

    I saw the orignal and i enjoy it and also i enjoy many horror classic and i hope that the remake will be just like the orignal and also that many horror remake that were truly great but their were other were truly terrible and i hate people that does,t like horror movies .

  • http://www.greyskull.net Nootropic

    Cheers, I just stopped by to visit your blog and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.