Crew of ‘Rejects’ Take Over the Con- Trailer Description!

Full Comic Con coverage here: You want some crazy scoopage- well here you go! Inside you’ll find a teaser trailer description from Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects, along with an image from it. You’ll also find a brand new image from the movie along with coverage of the panel with Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Leslie Easterbrook, Sheri Moon, Ken Foree, Brian Posehn, FX madman Wayne Toth and director Rob Zombie. Read on for the blood and guts…
The stories are few from the Comic Con this year, even though it was quite a packed event. But out of all the panels and all the craziness, Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects panel is where two of my favorite ‘incidents’ took place.

Outside the room my girlfriend, Sean Clark of Creature-Corner, Bill Moseley and Wayne Toth are waiting patiently for the panel before to finish. Once they let everyone out, everyone ran in and started taking pictures of the Rejects who were there at the moment. As each minute passed, more and more of the cast showed up and people were going camera crazy! So this one guy comes up to Sean Clark and asks him to take a photo of him and then starts ‘fu*cking’ around. Sean is getting impatient, since he’s there to cover the event for Creature-Corner- so I’m like, “Dude- take a picture of your Dong!” So Sean doesn’t hesitate for a second and pulls open his shorts and blasts a photo- then the guy was finally ready for his photo- man he’s in for a mega (or is it?)-surprise! Sean is one of the coolest guys I ran into at the con, if you ever get a chance to chill with him at a future event, take that opportunity.

After our fun with the poor mans camera, the stars of the film, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Leslie Easterbrook, Sheri Moon, Ken Foree, Brian Posehn, FX madman Wayne Toth and director Rob Zombie took the main stage. Sean and I are up front blasting off pictures when this Goth chick starts yelling at us. She tells us she’s sick of the press and that we suck etc etc… So I turn around and tell her to relax, we aren’t in her way and we’ll be done in a second. Then she starts name dropping and acting like she’s “somebody”, which made Sean and I crack up. I told her to go f*ck herself and then I guess she spit on Sean and I. From what I understand, it was some bitter saliva- not bitter sweet.

So Rob decided to blow us away right off the bat and shows us a teaser trailer they assembled (crappy picture below). The teaser was very Italian western looking, very Kill Bill: Volume 2 like. The trailer showed Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon walking towards the camera looking extremely and I mean extremely badass! The music was also very Kill Bill: Volume 2. It was short, but sweet and it got me wishin’ it was 2005 right now!

Rob came right out of the trailer and started talking about the film. He said they are going to have some serious issues with the MPAA on the film. Its very dark and gritty. A lot of the stuff we already reported from the set visits here and here were talked about again like Bill Moseley’s rap scene and how it made him sick. He said it was like going to dark places over and over again- after six times he told Rob it was killing him. Rob told him to quit being a puss*y!

Rob revealed that there will be a really big fuc$k scene between Ginger Lynn and Sid Haig. Sid joked about the “Wild Ride” even though it’s no “Mr. Toad”. He explained there is no skin to skin sex, he made sure to wear his socks just for the ladies! Sid said Ginger goes crazy on him and it’s very disturbing.

Devils Rejects is something new, its a totally different entity from House of 1000 Corpses, according to Rob, who took over the entire panel at this point. They then talked a lot about Sid and Bill’s new roles and how their characters have developed. More on this on our set visits.

Then the FX guru Wayne Toth, who owns Art F.X. and the site Halloween Town, talked a little about his work and making sure he always had blood handy!

Then something that caught me by surprise came up, Tiny Fuc*ked a Stump! I guess Tiny fu*cks EVERYTHING in this movie. The opening scene he’s humping- maybe a stump?

Leslie Easterbrook then spoke on taking over for Karen Black’s role as Mother Firefly. She called taking over the part “daunting” and she talked about how she “loves Karen Black”. She said everyone made her feel accepted right away and how wonderful her role is- it’s also very different in nature from the first film.

Sheri talked a little about her laugh, and then refused to do it for the audience- good for her! Sheri isn’t a monkey folks, she’s not there to laugh at your every command- remember that! Good…

Bill Moseley called the film “The Passion of the Otis” and talked more about his character change, which was the same thing he talked about on the set reports, which was his character was grittier, darker, and a sex-driven maniac. This film he did “less thinking and more acting.”

Ken Foree plays a super pimp- who is also Sid Haig’s (Captain Spaulding) brother- come on, it’s possible, isn’t it? ken says he’s the drug guy, the pork grind guy and the chicken guy! He owns a whore ranch and is a nasty character.

At this point I had somewhere else to be, so I headed on out. But that was one of the better panels at the con. You can check out all out Devil’s Rejects coverage here and take a look at the image database here.

Look, you can kind of see the trailer!

Source: Comic Con Coverage Here, Bloody-Disgusting