‘Black Christmas’ Remake News!

Alright, now here’s some remake news that gets me all tingly inside! Ginger Snaps Back (review) producer, Paula Devonshire, talked to Fangoria about her current project- a remake of the classic Black Christmas, which might see the original director Bob Clark at the helm.
Fangoria reports some awesome news, “Following the screening of GINGER SNAPS BACK at the Fantasia film festival, Fango talked to producer Paula Devonshire, who”s currently working on the remake of Bob Clark”s slasher classic BLACK CHRISTMAS with her Copper Heart Entertainment partner Steve Hoban. “[The writers are] just working on a new draft right now,” she reports. “It”s still in the early stages of development. We do want to really fast-track it and get it ready to be shot in late winter/early spring of next year, so very early 2005 is probably when it will go before the cameras. That”s one of the projects we”re just kind of going full speed ahead with, though there is no director on it and there”s been no casting done yet. But I believe that once the script is in a position where it”s presentable, and is ready to be sent out everywhere, that people will be attracted to it, because it is such a well-known, classic horror film that people will hopefully want to be attached to it.”

One person who is not attached to the project, at least as of now, is original director Bob Clark. “He”s not involved at this point,” Devonshire says. “That doesn”t necessarily mean that he won”t be, but it”s at such an early stage. Who knows, he might be brought in and take part in it later on.”

Without going into detail, Devonshire reveals that the new CHRISTMAS “is actually quite different from the original. There are certain aspects and characters that are the same, but the setting and the circumstances are a bit different. So there will be some surprises and new things in there for die-hard fans of the first film.””

Source: Fangoria