Every Jason in Existence Appears at Comic Con!

Well almost everyone of them… One of the coolest panels at the Comic Con this year was Paramount Home Video’s panel for their release of the Friday the 13th boxset: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan, which hits stores on October 5th. Inside you can read all about the insane show, which features pretty much every Jason Voorhees and two of the best directors. Oh yeah, there are a ton of cool pictures inside too, one being a hot chick wearing a Jason mask!
Could it be? A panel cooler than the actual box set from Paramount Home Video? Although the Friday the 13th boxset, which hits stores on October 5th, looks really cool- it really is half-assed and missing some seriously cool shi*t. But the fact of the matter for me is, I don’t have any of them on DVD, so getting this box set will be a pleasure either way and getting to attend this panel was a treat on its own. Check out who attended!

Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood director John Carl Buechler, Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin, little Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Ari Lehman, the first ever adult Jason from Friday the 13th part 2 Warrington Gillette, the first Jason to bear the hockey mask from Friday the 13th part 3-D Richard Brooker, the Jason from Friday the 13th part 6: Jason Lives C.J. Graham and Jason from Friday the 13th part 7-10 Kane Hodder!

Can you believe it? I couldn’t. But you know what the best part of the entire panel was? A: How disorganized it was, everyone was coming up to get autographs during the interviews. B: How when one ‘Jason’ answered a question, another would roll his eyes or shake their head. Seems like they just don’t agree with each others opinions. C: My favorite part was little Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Ari Lehman- he was trying soooo hard to fit in with everyone else, and his answers to honest questions were ridiculous. Nice guy, should have strapped a muzzle on him…

Ari did however start out with a bang, and had something quit interesting to say to open the panel. He talked about how we was told not to talk to Adrienne King (who was in attendance) because they wanted the scare at the end of the movie when he jumps out of the water to be genuine, which it is. He also joked about how he was up for the role that Kevin Bacon got, but was too young.

Warrington Gillette talked about how he was creeped out by the first film and how Jason popped out of the water at the end. He felt it was “very ironic” that he became Jason Voorhees. He lost the role as a counselor and ended up being Jason. He talked about how he lost his depth perception because Jason was missing an eye; it was extremely hard to do stunt work. He was supposed to jump through a window and it didn’t work. Funny stuff.

Richard Brooker said he isnt a big horror fan and didn’t know much about the Friday the 13th franchise. He joked about Steve Miner giving him great direction, “Don’t ask me for motivation… hack them to death!” He talked about how hard the 3-D shoot was, it was like shooting two movies. There were two lenses with different focal points. He said it took 36 takes to shoot the red hot poker scene!

C.J. Graham talked about how he got the role as Jason by default. The original stunt guys weren’t good- so he picked up the work. His biggest challenge was going through a door and window. There was a shot that took all day to set up, which also cost $25,000, if he messed it up- ouch! But he pulled through and made it work.

Kane Hodder talked about how he did screen tests, which was a long process. Finally Paramount agreed after he adlibbed violent stuff. He’s been a stuntman for 25 years and the Jason part was a dream come true. He says no actor does their own stunts and when they say they do, take it was a grain of salt. Ironically enough, I was in the Blade: Trinity panel and Ryan Reynolds was talking about how he did all his own stunt work except one scene, it was weird how Kane’s comment stuck with me- grain of salt…

Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood director John Carl Buechler talked about how they wanted to do Freddy vs Jason back then. He also talked about his SFX work helped him get the job. He talked about how he wanted his film to have more supernatural elements and make it like Carrie vs. Terminator. He felt the make-up is the best of the films, and I agree. They loved Kane because he didn’t complain about anything, he did all of his stunts and he’s a great actor. They also talked about how his super bloody workprint will be on the box set. There’s a scene with a head crushed like a walnut and more.

Kane then talked about how he felt that Ken Kirzinger was a bad choice for Jason in Freddy vs Jason and how the character was idiotic. He wants to return as Jason in the future. Director John Carl Buechler responded by saying he felt that New Line made Jason a wuss and it took away from the fear factor. Everyone cheered and clapped, which pissed me off. You know damn well everyone in that audience saw Freddy vs Jason and I bet they all loved it. Forget them, they’d clap if a monkey was on stage dancing and telling them to clap for some poop, which he’d throw at them.

This was definitely one of the cooler panels and I really hope the box set is better than I expect it to be this October. As long as the films look nice and sound nice, I’ll be happy. But if Paramount double dips, god forgive what I might do…

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Oh yeah, a hot chick wearing a Jason Mask- now that’s kinky!

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