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Trailer For Insane Japanese Body Horror ‘Henge’

After pushing through estival rounds, a must-see Japanese trailer has been released for Hajime Ohata’s Henge, which is being described as a psycho-sexual body horror movie in the vein of Tetsuo (and evoking David Cronenberg).

Aizawa Kazunari and Morita Aki both star as “A young couple whose lives take a turn for the worse after a mysterious attack on the husband leaves him suffering from some bizarre after effects.

Already released in Japan, hopefully someone will have the courage to release this 54-minute bad boy here in the States.

Watch the trailer below.



  • FleshofCaligula

    Welp looks like ummm another solid japanese movie 😉 these dudes are nuts. They have a poster in japan that if you kiss it, it kisses you back. How fuckin cool is that? there light years ahead of everyone.

  • Greeting from over the sea. detailed blog I shall return for more.

  • BabyJaneHudson

    54 minutes of screaming and bouncing? I can see a cool idea in there, but a kid having a temper tantrum acts the same way.


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