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Gregorian Meets Metal In ‘The Dark Side Of The Chant’


I love me some metal. But what you might not know about me is that I also love kicking back to classical and chant every once in a while. So when I hear that the two are mixing, I get a little antsy in my pantsy, know what I mean? Such is the case with Gregorian, who are releasing The Dark Side Of The Chant, an album tomorrow that has them covering bands such as Evanescence, AC/DC, Unheilig, and more. Their cover of Hell’s Bells didn’t really do much for me but I’m really interested to hear Madonna‘s Frozen and Depeche Mode‘s Stripped
Check out a video after the jump that features sound clips and interviews with several of the members.

01. ‘O Fortuna’ (Carl Orff)
02. ‘Stripped’ (Depeche Mode)
03. ‘All I Need’ (Within Temptation)
04. ‘Hell’s Bells’ (AC/DC)
05. ‘Born to Feel Alive’ (Unheilig)
06. ‘Morning Dew’ (Nazareth)
07. ‘My Heart Is Burning’ Gregorian original
08. ‘Bring Me to Life’ (Evanescence)
09. ‘Dark Side’ Gregorian original
10. ‘Frozen’ (Madonna)
11. ‘Black Wings’ Gregorian original
12. ‘Lucifer’ (The Alan Parsons Project)
13. ‘Dark Angel’ Gregorian original



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