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Garbage Is Back! New Album Due In 2012

Talk about waking up to good news this morning! Garbage, the female-fronted alt-rock band that was ridiculously popular in the 90’s and early 00’s has announced that they will have reunited and will be releasing their fifth studio album sometime in Spring 2012! This will mark the first new album from the band in seven years (their 2007 release, Absolute Garbage, is a greatest hits record).

Check after the jump to read some quotes from the band regarding the new album.


“Years-worth of pent-up music came out in some bizarre ways- bleary cell phone memos became real songs, conversations turned into lyrics, and new computer gizmos inspired wicked tangents,” said the members of Garbage. “Ghosts came in, had their say. Everyone brought ideas, and everyone fought their corner.  At the end of the day it all gets shoved through the four-way brain filter that is Garbage and it ends up sounding like nobody else. Red feathers and black tar.”
“We are making a record filled with the music we love to hear. The new songs have been inspired more by what we haven’t been hearing rather than by what we have.”



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