Cool People, Funny Stuff and Stupid Ass Costumes

Ah the Comic Con, what a freaking blast it was! Although, I still don’t know why it’s called the comic con, everyone is there promoting movies- although some of them are comic book adaptations. Inside is part one of my report from the con, where I will show you everything from the stupid ass people in costumes to the cool people I got a chance to hang out with. I dedicate this one to Arrow in the Head and JoBlo…

There it is, the palace, where the San Diego Comic Con 2004 took place. It’s huge, ultra huge- it made me feel like I was in high school again. In Chicago our school was huge and loaded with kids, you could get pissed off just trying to walk through the halls- and good luck getting to class on time. Anyways, there was so much going on and there were so many cool people and so much cool **** that I decided to lump everything else together into two posts and categorize it. We’ve got Stupid people with stupid costumes, Cool Sh!t to buy or touch, Damn cool peoples and Random Hilarity. Today we’ll see cool people, stupid ass costumes and random hilarity. In the next post I’ll show you cool **** and random cool people- mostly stars we ran into.

Here they are, the Cool People I ran into this past weekend:

Is owning a rival website about making enemies or making friends? Well duh, it’s about making cool new friends. Here’s me and Heidi kickin’ it with John Fallon of Arrow in the Head. The guy’s crazy, totally cool, and all the chicks want him- oh and did I mention he writes amazing reviews?

Then there’s Berge from JoBlo, who seems like one laid back mofo. Here’s me and Joe from Freeze Dried Movies kickin’ it with the posse (this image comes courtesy of JoBlo).

Then there’s Jen Vuckovic of Rue Morgue Magazine. She’s tall and has cool hair. I saw her chillin with Adrienne King from Friday the 13th and I walked over to say hi, and they both thought I was there to see Adrianne. I’m like, no way, I’m here to see Jen!

Then there’s Sean Clark of Creature-Corner (on the left), another cool mother-fuc*er- I guess I never got a pic with him, so here he is with a friend of his. Read a great story about him here.

Then theres our buddies Bill Moseley and Sid Haig from Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects. Sid wants you!

Then there’s Llloyd Kaufman, a genuine genius who owns Troma and has held off selling the company because he’s so passionate and cares about his fans. Great guy, watch for an interview soon. Here’s Heidi chatting away with Mr. K.

Now that I’ve bored you with some stuff that’s important to me, I’m going to give you some entertainment, I present to you Random Hilarity and Stupid Ass Costumes:

You better watch out on your way to the con if you’re driving. Numerous signs on the side of the road indicate that there might be a kidnapping in progress, or maybe it’s a fire- no that’s not it… maybe someone needs to use the restroom really bad? Ah I got it, they live in the city and their parking meter just ran out AND they don’t have any change!

Joe (Mr Xero) was so hungry, he shoved the food in his mouth so fast, half of it ended up on his shirt…

Speaking of food, can you imagine the gas you’d get from this burger? You could start a contest with this burger, instead of guessing how many beans are in the jar, how about how many trips to the bathroom you’d make after eating this monstrosity?

You want funny, how about this ridiculous guy? I started to tear I was laughing so hard- you think he likes White Castle?

Now if you look at the image below, you can see Wonder Woman who is in the process of selling her soul to Captain Elliot Spencer of Hellraiser- you know the guy who turned into Pinhead!

Ernie Hudson was in attendance so these crazy cats dressed up like the Ghostbusters. My only question is who the hell is the fifth guy- is he the real Ghostbuster? Nope, he’s just Elvis, the one from the upcoming ‘Bubba Ghostbusters’.

What’s one thing you know you’ll see DOUBLE of when you go to a comic book convention? No not Harry Knowles…

Come on lady share the damn seat, you don’t need two!

Little does SuperHeidi know, but Andrea and I are talking some major **** behind her back…

SuperHeidi’s sister brought a picture of a butt- I swear- she did!

So I’m watching the ‘Grudge’ panel and getting so goddamn bored with the stupid Buffy questions and questions that start out like this, “Oh Sarah, you’re great, I love you, you were awesome in episode 202, can I be your friend?”, so I fixed my notebook, and scratched off the crappy Green Goblin mask, which we BETTER not see in ‘Spiderman 3’. Oh yeah, that’s me flicking it off…

The entire Comic Con Luke kept poking people in the butt with his taser gun (whatever it’s called, listen up Star Wars freaks, don’t friggin correct me damnit!). The trooper is actually a cardboard cutout I think, he didn’t move once the entire show…

Believe it or not- Abraham Lincoln is NOT dead, just like Elvis. Walt Disney was frozen right next to his corpse, you’ve seen Jurassic Park right? Well you see, they dug up Lincoln and took some cells and cloned him. So this is really him, really! Here’s the best part- I got his autograph, ebay here I come!

Uma was there too with her new sidekick Kato from the Green Hornet. I thought the camera added five pounds not removed…

The stupid Puss in Boots doesn’t want you do go. But he better start running himself because I want to kick him in his stupid face! Hmmm maybe I’ll have the crazy dudes from Kwoon do it!

Check back here in the next few days for part 2 of the random Comic Con 2004 coverage here at B-D…

Source: Push me, I like to be touched- Full Coverage Here