‘Amityville’ Needs Extras in MY HOME TOWN!

I nearly shat myself when I read the news over at Creature-Corner- it appears that Dimension and MGM films Amityville Horror is seeking extras in Buffalo Grove, Illinois- my friggin’ home town of 15 years! Of course I move out to LA three weeks before- sunnuvah… I guess there is a house right by where I lived that looks like the Amityville house. At least I still have friends and family out there- maybe one of them can send in a scoop or two. Ah- good thing I know my papers! I just found the information if for some reason you live in the area- read on for full details…
Creature-Corner writes, “If you’re out in the Midwest, and more specifically Illinois, you know that one of the most frustrating things about living there is that no one likes to shoot movies in the state. Sure, you have a rare film here and there that will pop up in the ‘burbs, but more often than not it’s quite neglected.

Well, good news! A reader dropped us a line yesterday from Schamburg, IL, one of the many Chicago suburbs, letting us know that a local paper had a call for extras in the Buffalo Grove area for The Amityville Horror remake. I wonder if that means they’ve found another house similar to the first one, which will make that location a tourist destination for years to come. Assuming the movie does well, of course.

Shooting is taking place in Buffalo Grove, IL and Wisconsin, and they’re looking for kids between the age of 7-17 and 18-24. If you’re in the area be sure to track down the paper, unfortunately we’re not sure which one it was. Good luck!”

The Daily Herald writes:

Buffalo Grove is not exactly what you would call a host for demons, poltergeists or ghosts.

But apparently the creative minds remaking “The Amityville Horror” think otherwise.

Shooting is scheduled to begin Aug. 3 and run through Oct. 4 in both Buffalo Grove and parts of Wisconsin.

For anyone haunted by visions of stardom, an open casting call will be held Saturday for extras, photo doubles and stand-ins.

J-Sa-Rah Casting will host the call from noon to 7 p.m. at 1500 Busch Parkway in Buffalo Grove.

The 1979 horror sensation, based on a book by Jay Anson, dramatized the haunting of an Amityville, N.Y., house. The remake will star Ryan Reynolds of “Van Wilder” and “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place” and Melissa George of “Alias.”

John Pisani, publicist for the film, said Buffalo Grove was picked for the setting of the Long Island town because “you need similarities in architecture and the kind of town.”

Jacquelyn Conard, of J-Sa-Rah Casting, said, “We want people in Buffalo Grove to come out (to the casting call) and we definitely want to be able to hire some of those people there in town.”

Here is what they are looking for:

– Caucasian girls 5-9 years and 14-17 years old.

– Caucasian boys 7-17 years old.

– Caucasian men 50-70 years, for a priest

– Tall and thin men.

– Caucasian women 47-50 inches tall and men 47-54 inches tall who are 18 years or older, for stand-ins.

Since this is set in the 1970s, men with beards, mustaches and long hair and women with big hair will definitely have an advantage.

Also, drivers with cars from the 1970s should bring a photo of the car.

Applicants must be willing to drive to Wisconsin, just past the Illinois border.

Talent will be paid $75 to $150.

Film: Look of the ’70s gets priority

Source: Creature-Corner, Daily Herald