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NSFW: Horror Icons Photographed for ‘The Bloody Best’ – Horror is a Lifetime Commitment!

Looking for something `bloody’ to quench your post-Halloween thirst? An art book in the making, “The Bloody Best Project” is gaining a lot of attention in and around the horror community. Photographer Ama Reeves, Stylist Autumn Steed, Makeup Artist Melissa Pizzamiglio, and Special Effects guru Roger Johansen have come together in this beautifully disturbing tribute to the horror community. Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen), James Gunn (Slither), Tom Holland (Child’s Play), Ti West (House of the Devil), and artist Alex Pardee are just a handful of the talent on board to promote horror as not just a genre, but a lifetime commitment. More details and a first look inside!
Some artists choose landscapes. Others paint portraits. For the gruesome foursome behind the project, it’s horror; terrifying, gory, tantalizing horror. “Four talented people are doing what they love,” boasted Johansen. “I always vote for the underdog,” added Steed. “… and I feel like the horror community is the unjustified underdog.

The importance of The Bloody Best is to honor the people behind the genre and celebrate how important they really are,” said Reeves.

Slated for a 2011 release, the book will host a series of innovative, high concept photographs in homage to Hollywood’s bastard child. There will also be a gallery show. As an exclusive to BLOODY-DISGUSTING, the team has given us a never-before-seen photo of actor AJ Bowen (The House of the Devil, Hatchet II), along with several other masterpieces, to give us just a taste of the dark side.

Check out their kick ass website here! Go on, they don’t bite.

And, as always, you can come over and show Andrea some love on THE ALBIN WAY.

Pictured: AJ Bowen

Pictured: Alex Pardee



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