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‘Blinky’ Director Takes on ‘The Animators’

Off the heels of the astounding short teaser Blinky, Screen Daily reports that QWERTY Films (The Duchess) have appointed Irish director Ruairi Robinson to helm their sci-fi horror picture The Animators, which was highly placed on The Brit List when it was announced a couple of weeks back. Robinson’s animated short “Fifty Percent Grey” was nominated for an Oscar back in 2002, and since then he was behind the sci-fi short “Silent City,” with Cillian Murphy, and is currently completing another short, “Blinky,” which stars Where The Wild Things Are star Max Records as a boy whose Christmas present turns out to be a little sinister–again (watch it here). Penned by The Bunker‘s Clive Dawson, the pic will follow a crew of astronauts on the Martian surface, who discover evidence of bacterial life. It won’t greatly surprise you that things go downhill from there, and the explorers start to be killed off. Robinson was at one time attached to Akira.



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