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Lycans vs Man in Post-9/11 ‘Red Moon’

The Gotham Group (Abduction) has optioned bigscreen rights to Benjamin Percy’s werewolf book proposal Red Moon. Described as an alternate history tome, story is set in a post-9/11 world of xenophobia in which the long-persecuted Lycans live among humans. Story kicks off with a Lycan uprising that results in a clash of civilizations. The book proposal was acquired in a pub house bidding war by Grand Central. Lit deal is pegged at $500,000. Gotham was slipped a copy of the proposal by Percy’s publishing agent Holly Frederick of Curtis Brown and pounced on the material. Percy, a creative writing professor at Iowa State U., is the author of wilderness adventure story “The Wilding” and has published two books of short stories and a graphic novel, “Refresh, Refresh.”



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