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Original ‘King Kong’ Print Unearthed — Long Lost Spider/Lizard Scene Included?!!

Update: Twitch discovered this is a later print that doesn’t include the long lost scene. Bumma. The Evening Times in the UK is reporting some major news this afternoon. A workman has unearthed a vintage film reel of King Kong during the refurbishment of a West End cinema. Joiner Ross McMillan discovered the ancient movie hidden behind a partition wall in a projection room in the Grosvenor Cinema. The dusty old reel, which dates back to the 1930s, is thought to have been missing from US film production company RKO’s library vaults for more than 70 years. The movie discovered was the original 1933 version of Merian C Cooper’s King Kong which has been missing from the film company’s vaults since 1934. But the real question remains: does this original print carry the long-lost Lizard and Spider canyon sequence?! I have my hopes set way too high at this point… If any fresh news comes in, we’ll be sure to update you STAT. Click here for more on the discovery.



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