Megadeth NOT on ‘Saw’ Soundtrack- But Who Is?

The new trailer for the film can be viewed here: Contrary to the information contained on a Sanctuary Records “one-sheet” released to retail outlets to promote the upcoming MEGADETH album “The System has Failed”, the band’s brand-new single, “Die Dead Enough”, will NOT be featured in the forthcoming Lion’s Gate horror film “Saw”. “Yes, we were talking to [MEGADETH leader] Dave Mustaine and his managers about the possibility [of the song being included in the movie], yes Dave saw the film, yes we thought the single was great (as is the rest of the album), but for a variety of reasons that aren’t really important we were unable to make it happen,” Greg Hoffmann, one of the producers of “Saw”, told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. Read on to find out who WILL be on the soudntrack…
Gregg continues, “There will be a soundtrack album for the film, available on Artists Addition Records/Song Stew Music (marketed and distributed exclusively by Koch),” Hoffmann added. “The single will be from FEAR FACTORY and is called ‘Bite the Hand That Bleeds’. There will be several other tracks on the album, as well as selections from Charlie Clouser’s [ex-NINE INCH NAILS] kick-ass score for the film.

“We wish Dave and MEGADETH all the success in the world with the new album, but wanted to set the record straight.”

Source: BalabberMouth, Travis