Get Ready for MTV’s ‘Tournament of Terror’

MTV is about to run their Tournament of Terror, according to Tadd. “The world’s premier beasts ? monsters, mutants and maulers ? pitted in a battle for supremacy, with you determining the ultimate victor. Sure, Hollywood has given us “Freddy Vs. Jason” and “Alien Vs. Predator,” but now you can determine who the baddest beast in the land really is … is it Leatherface? Michael Myers? Chucky? Every week, these movie creatures will square off in our tournament of terror. Your votes will determine which one moves on to the next round, and eventually, which one will reign supreme. New battles take place every week, and the ultimate beast will be crowned on Halloween, so come back often and help your favorites navigate the Bracket of Blood.” Click the link for the bracket and rules.

Source: MTV, Tadd