Random Fun Part 2- Big Stars and Crazy Sh!t…

A lot of people don’t even attend the San Diego Comic Con for comic books anymore- it’s all about “who’s going to be there this year?” Well the stars came a knocking to promote all their films coming out later this year through the summer of 2005. Inside you’ll find some pictures of who came along, links to cool stuff I saw and pictures of some of the fantastic horror related artwork that was sold around the convention. Hope I don’t bore you too much…

Ahhh part two, Cool Sh!t and more Cool People! I’ll save the talking, because I know all of you only read picture books… (Totally kidding)

Check out some of the Cool People that attended the comic con this year. Every year it gets bigger and bigger- if Keanu Reeves was here this year, imagine the possibilities!

Here’s David Goyer and Jessica Biel smiling for Mr Xero

Here’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr listening to stupid question after stupid question…

Check out this surprise appearance! Can you figure you which Wayans brothers these are? Let me tell you guys, in person, these guys are the pimps of all pimps. I didn’t know there was a line, so I just walked up and said hi- yeah I’m a ****, whatever…

Here’s Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds, heading off to a junket, which we weren’t invited too- Boo! Mr Xero still played good cub reporter and snatched this pic…

Well holy crap- it’s Harry Knowles’ best friend in the world! It’s Guillermo del Toro! Funny thing is, he had no clue who Harry Knowles was when I asked him (beware: story may not be true…) Guillermo is an incredible guy and so genuinely nice. He could be found just trotting along through the con like a normal person looking for comics and animation art.

Now here’s something that caught me by surprise, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the funniest people on earth, made an appearance at the con to promote their upcoming flick Team America. They showed two clips and from what I saw, this movie will be better than any South Park episode ever!

What’s the Comic Con without a real Ghostbuster?

Mmmmmm, Brinke stevens, delicious!

I’m having a brain fart on his name- oh yeah Billy West! Here’s Stimpy!

Here’s Andrea (aka Rasberry Tumino) and I waiting for The Machinist and Saw to start, I can’t wait to go on the ride again!

Now Here’s some Cool Shit to look at:

Now these guys are geniuses, especially creator Todd Roy. KWOON are comedy/action shorts, which are being developed into TV shows as we speak. I just finished watching the DVD and it’s one of the BEST DVDs I’ve ever seen. Bad Acting- Good Kung Foo, what else do you need? Check out their official site.

Here’s by far one of the most kick ass things I saw at the Comic Con. Rob Zombie’s FX guy, Wayne Toth, who totally kicks ass, has these pieces of art for sale. They are lenticular pictures that transform when you walk by them. Take a look below for an idea of how it works. Hopefully there more at his official site, check it out!

Now here’s some more art type stuff that blew my mind. The company is called Soz Studios. You can look at tons of their art over at their official website.

You know all about Puppet Terrors through Bloody-Disgusting and creator Jesse is such a kick ass guy, so take a little time and check out his official site.

Here’s something I really really wanted, but my money situation told me to relax. Majestic Studios unleashed their Zuni Fetish Warrior onto the world. I hear that’s why Karen Black never made it back to Rob Zombie’s sequel to House of 1000 Corpses

Species 3 props- damn they look cool! Hope the movie turns out ok…

After I saw the Alien and Predator blasting punches at each other, I knew it was time to get the hell out of there and encounter other dangers- like falling asleep at the wheel…

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