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Twentieth Century Fox Refutes Delayed ‘Alien’ Report

Website Script Flags is now 0 for 2 on their Alien news as Twentieth Century Fox is refuting the site’s claim that the Ridley Scott-directed prequels have been delayed. Although, it should be noted that the studio is playing a game of semantics as The Playlist discovered that the projects have yet to be greenlit. “According to representatives we spoke with at Fox, there is “no truth” to those reports. Additionally, while development is continuing, we’ve been told the “Alien” prequel has not yet been greenlit. So to rephrase, a movie that hasn’t been officially announced or given the go ahead, can’t really be delayed.” SEMANTICS; even though there is a distinct difference between the two claims. I guess the good news is that there’s indeed progress, it’s just a matter of getting everyone on the same page. Early reports claimed Scott and the studio were feuding over the budget, while a more recent report indicated the studio LOVED “Lost” screenwriter Damon Lindelhof’s script (story here).



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