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‘The Lords of Salem’ Picture Lock & A Look At Satan’s Pen 15…

We’ve all been wondering what the hell is going on with Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, his latest genre offering that will bring the witches a salem back for a slaughter.

The rocker turned shock-rocker has provided a hefty update via Twitter that leads me to believe Salem could be hitting the festival scene this summer/fall.

I am done editing THE LORDS OF SALEM! Now onto the next phase,” says Zombie, looking forward to the sound mix and color correction. After a series of additional photography, it’s good news that he’s officially past recutting the film.

Hoping to regain your interest, he also shared the following: “Here is another behind the scenes look at some rather disgusting chunky bits from THE LORDS OF SALEM. Wayne Toth sure has made a nasty looking whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Enjoy.” It’s nasty alright; inside you’ll find a look at Satan’s lower half, including his covered up weanis.

The story is about a local DJ who mistakenly unleashes a hellish curse on the town. 300 years earlier on the very streets of Salem that the townspeople walk on today, innocent folks were rounded up from their homes, convicted of being witches and sentenced to death. The Lords of Salem ran the town with an iron fist, but four witches who were tortured and killed in secrecy vowed that one day they would be back for revenge.




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