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Viral: ‘Apollo 18’ Mission Docs Declassified



Dimension Films just kicked off their viral marketing campaign for their “to the moon” sci-fi horror pic Apollo 18 that’s picking up on the recent Wikileaks press and running wiht is (thumbs up, my friends). I received the following e-mail and a link to the below image. “Have you ever wondered why hasn’t man gone back to the moon in almost 40 years? In light of the recent Wikileaks scandal, I felt it would be necessary to share the following information with you. Follow this link to see leaked docs that just surfaced this week. Thanks, and godspeed – R. Preddio.” The website and file at question pertains to the 1975 Apollo 18 Mission, and teases that we might have found something on the moon that has since been kept from the American people. Click the link for the site, read on for the document, and then talk about it below.
Click here for more information on the film, and canceled mission:


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