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[Interview] Chad Of DNF

Chad of the power violence/hardcore band DNF was kind enough to talk about the band’s newly released 7″ “Hurt” as well as what they have coming up for the rest of the year. Read past the break for the interview, enjoy!

SuperRadMike: So how’d you guys get hooked up with No Idea/High Anxiety?

Chad: We actually got hooked up with Chris Colohan through our drummer Elliot, after his other band played some shows with Burning Love. We were just getting back into playing together after 3 years of being in other bands and living other places, so it seemed like a great opportunity. We’re all big fans of the records High Anxiety and No Idea have done over the years and it’s really great to have our release added to that catalog.


SuperRadMike: The EP is really awesome but I remember hearing a couple songs a few months ago on your bandcamp. Were the other songs just not ready or were you guys looking for a label?

Chad: We were really excited when we finished recording the EP and were sort of shopping around for labels. Originally we planned to self-release it, either on vinyl or cassette. But once High Anxiety became an option, we decided to go that route.

SuperRadMike: Musically the EP has that great mix of hardcore and power violence but lyrically it sounds a little more mature. For example “Waste”, was this an accident or is this the direction DNF is going in?

Chad: It’s definitely the direction we are heading in. We’ve been playing together since early 2007 and our sound has matured a lot since then. It’s one thing when you’re 19 years old and you just want to write fast songs about video games and inside jokes you have with your friends. But since then we have all moved away, moved back, moved away again, started other bands, toured, released records, made friends, lost friends, etc. And I know I can at least speak for myself when I say life doesn’t get any easier as you get older. The songs on the EP and the songs we are currently writing are darker, heavier, and more brooding. We still want to keep the speed and energy, but the newer songs and lyrical content definitely reflect more on us as adults today.


SuperRadMike: Any plans to release anything else this year?

Chad: We are planning to write some new material in the next couple months and go into the studio again sometime this summer. I’m not quite sure what we’ll end up with, but definitely be on the lookout for something new from us before next fall!

SuperRadMike: Are you guys going on the road any time soon?

Chad: We are working on setting up a west coast tour at some point this year. We’re all extremely busy outside of DNF. Sam and Elliot tour with their other bands for many months out of the year, while Kyle and I both work full time, and play in other bands on the side. It takes a colossal effort to get everyone’s schedule figured out and plan the few shows that DNF plays. We try to do as much as we can within our allotted windows of time. So hopefully a west coast tour this year, in support of the record. And a full US sometime in the foreseeable future!

SuperRadMike: Thank you very much for your time and congrats on releasing “Hurt”!



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