Everyone Excited for 'Halloween III 3D'...Except the Weinsteins - Bloody Disgusting
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Everyone Excited for ‘Halloween III 3D’…Except the Weinsteins



In the same interview where Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine director Patrick Lussier talks about the forthcoming Hellraiser reboot, he also briefly discusses the status of Halloween III 3D – lots of waiting: “You’d really have to ask Dimension Films and Bob Weinstein,” he tells Moviefone. “We were very excited about the script we wrote. Malek Akkad was very excited about the script we wrote. We loved Malek and we’d love to make the movie with him, but that’s up to the grown-ups who are above our pay grade, so who knows. I am frequently surprised by whatever happens next.” Todd Farmer penned the script that would have brought Michael Myers back to theaters this past August.


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