Some Might Want to Kill Me After I Post This…

Ok, I’m going to warn you about 300X, there are some SERIOUS SPOILERS that await you inside- as a matter of fact, I’m ultra pissed off that I read it. I didn’t mean to read it, I thought it was just a basic synopsis, but what actually awaits you inside is the entire story to Seed of Chucky in one giant paragraph- from start to finish! So if you’re an idiot like me and want to read it, then go ahead and read on. Don Mancini’s fifth Child’s Play, which hits theaters November 10th, stars Brad Dourif (voice), Jennifer Tilly (voice and actress), Billy Boyd (voice), John Waters, Redman, Debbie Lee Carrington and Hannah Spearritt.
Before I go ahead and unleash the beast of all spoilers, I feel that I should at least let you all know what’s going through my head. There are certain things that suck when you’re a reporter for a news, scoops and rumors site- we try and post everything possible, and this includes spoilers. As much as I hate spoilers, some people actually enjoy them, like our reporter Mr Xero over at Freeze Dried Movies. For some reason, some people like to know what happens, and I don’t think it’s my duty to decide whether or not they can read a spoiler- it is ultimately their choice. The ending to The Village was all over the net and I was able to avoid it, because I didn’t want to know it, so if you do NOT wish to read on then DON’T. I really do not want to get emails from everyone saying, “why did you post that, you better remove that.” etc. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t, I’ve warned you enough. So without further a due, spoiler heaven…


Synopsis courtesy of some website (requested their link be removed), who claims he works on tons of movies, but obviously this doesn’t mean he’s for real, so still take this with a grain of salt:

From the makers of the cult Chucky series, comes the fifth film in the cycle, Seed of Chucky. Alternately comic and scary, this fresh tale turns the horror series around on itself by setting the film on an actual movie set of the filming of a Chucky movie.

Glen, an anatomically ambiguous living doll, is plagued by nightmares of killing people. Upon learning that his parents are Chucky and Tiffany, two puppets filming a movie in Hollywood, Glen escapes his life as a sideshow freak in order to find out who and what he is. He travels to Hollywood and “awakens” his parents from their entrapment in their puppet bodies. Chucky and Tiffany hatch a plan to take over the bodies of Jennifer Tilly, the lead actress of the movie they are filming, and a director, Gordon Rossi, so that they can become human. Furthermore, they scheme to impregnate Jennifer Tilly so that Glen can have a body and finally discover what sex he is. Along the way, they struggle to become a family unit as Tiffany fights her natural urges to kill, while Chucky urges Glen to become a killer. Although the plan is almost foiled by Jennifer’s assistant, Joan, and a nosy paparazzo, Peters, as well as the fact that Tiffany kills Gordon, they ultimately succeed in impregnating Jennifer, who gives birth to twins. After the birth, Chucky and Tiffany fight over becoming human; Chucky likes life as a doll and Tiffany wants to be a famous actress. At the hospital, while attempting to perform the body transference ritual, there is showdown between Tiffany and Chucky. Chucky kills Tiffany and Glen avenges his mother by killing his father. Some time later, back on the film set, Tiffany, as Jennifer Tilly (the transference worked) is back at work with her twins, Glen and Glenda. We end on Chucky, lying in wait, hiding in the bassinet with Glen.