The Red Vs Blue Crew Doesn't Want You To Forget Halo 4's Release Date - Bloody Disgusting
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The Red Vs Blue Crew Doesn’t Want You To Forget Halo 4’s Release Date



If you’re a big fan of the Halo series you’ve probably at least seen Red Vs Blue. If not, the team over at Rooster Teeth basically created a comedy series based on fictitious Halo characters. It’s pretty ridiculous and pretty hilarious. Check out the video past the break as the boys spill Halo 4’s release date, and give you some epic math so you can remember it.

Back in 2007 Halo 3 took in $170 million in 24 hours in the United States, surpassing the $125 million 24 hour record set by Halo 2 back in 2004. Do you think they can do it again?


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