Romero & McGee to Make the BLOODIEST Game EVER!

American McGee, who is critically acclaimed for the video game Alice and the forthcoming OZ may be teaming up with zombie fav director George Romero for an upcoming videogame named City of the Dead, which is said to be ‘the bloodiest game ever made’! Read on for the details…
Kyle W. informed us that Gamespot writes:

Although Oz has yet to find a publisher, American McGee is already planning his next project. On his personal Website today, the iconoclastic game designer revealed he is collaborating with George A. Romero, legendary director of Night of the Living Dead. The project, called City of the Dead, is being developed by Asylum Entertainment.

“Recently, my company Tmiec partnered with Asylum Entertainment to bring to life a new Romero concept called City of the Dead,” said McGee on his site. “We’re now in the process of shopping the interactive rights to games publishers.” As one would expect from a Romero project, the game will involve zombies and gore galore. “The tagline for the product is ‘the goriest game ever made,” said McGee, adding modestly, “We hope to bruise a few psyches with this one.”

While McGee’s site gave no indication about which platforms City of the Dead would be released for, it did supply several pieces of concept art as well as a concept overview for publishers.

Source: Kyle W. Gamespot