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Full Cast For Santa Slasher ‘Silent Night’

Donal Logue (Shark Night 3D), Jamie Kennedy (Scream), Brendan Fehr (Final Destination), Lisa Marie (Sleepy Hollow) and Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) have all been cast opposite Jaime King (announced yesterday) and Malcolm McDowell in Anchor Bay’s Silent Night, a loose remake of the Santa slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night.

King, whose past films include My Bloody Valentine, Mother’s Day and Sin City, will play Aubrey Bradimore, a Deputy Sheriff who battles the killer Santa Claus terrorizing her small Midwestern town.

Malcolm McDowell will play Sheriff Cooper, a small-town hero ready for some big-time action.

Production gets underway next week in Winnipeg.



  • bambi_lives8980

    Not that Silent Night Deadly Night was a great film (not to mention the wretched 4 mostly in-name-only sequels that followed) in the first place, but Hollywood won’t be satisfied if they’ve ruined every one of my favorite 80s horror flicks. So this movie definitely won’t $8 from me to see this. They couldn’t even put together a decent cast. Ridiculous idea to make money off a semi-classic. At least they haven’t touched The Burning, Deadly Spawn, Just Before Dawn, or Maniac yet. Oh yeah that’s right, Hollywood is raping that film too, even going so far as to cast Elijah Wood as the killer which completely goes against and destroys Joe Spinell’s character traits. But I’ll probably see that one anyway because Aja is involved, but not without much lowered expectations.

  • divisionbell

    Man there is so much potential for a seriously creepy horror movie with a TON of atmosphere, yet you just know they are going to go for mindless fluff….

  • divisionbell

    Tell me about it Bambi! Although they’re are currently remaking Maniac…

  • djblack1313

    if this is done right it could be an excellent Xmas time, atmospheric horror movie. i love the cast (Jaime King) thus far.

  • Nothing333

    Christmas Evil was the superior 80s Christmas schlockfest.

  • John Marrone

    nice banner photo – best part of the movie

  • St.Anger

    Jamie Kennedy is a plague on cinema. This can’t be a good sign.

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    @djblack1313 I’m with you. This has potential to be really good. Love the cast as well.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love Brendan Fehr.

  • Rendrogy

    Whoa! Nice cast! So Malcolm McDowell goes from Halloween to Christmas, eh? I just might have to see this one after all!

  • EvilHead1981

    It’s funny so many mention the potential, because every time a remake/reboot announced, you have everybody oozing over the possibilities of what they CAN do. Sadly, in majority of cases, these potentials fly over the heads of the studios, and what we get are, as a poster aptly stated, “fluff”. There could be a really cool, ambitious, atmospheric, creepy horror movie in here, but you know they are going to fuck it up just to appeal to the a mindless audience.

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