REAL ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Figures!!

After years and years of crappy figures, cups, hats, shirts, golf balls- and whatever ridiculous stuff that could be thought up- NECA is finally, FINALLY bringing us an accurate action figure line from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas! Read on for full details and some images…

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Coming this Halloween
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas


For the first time ever film accurate versions of the stop motion puppets from Nightmare Before Christmas. These figures are packed with loads of articulation and accessories to re-create your favorite moments from the films. Below is a breakdown of each character and their accessories:

Jack Skellington
Ball-Jointed Neck, Shoulders, Waist, Wrists, Hips.
Swivel Biceps and Thighs
Bendable Elbows and Knees

Accessories Include:
Zero w/ display stand
2 Pumpkins
Jack-in-the Box Pumpkin Christmas Present

Ball-Jointed Neck, Shoulders, Hips.
Swivel Biceps, Wrists, and Thighs
Bendable Elbows and Knees

Accessories Include:
Basket w/ assorted Bottles, Dead Fish, and Blanket
Jar of Deadly Night Shade
Spoon w/ Holes
Jack-in-the Box Cat Christmas Present

Ball-Jointed Neck, Shoulders, and Waist
Swivel Biceps and Wrists
Bendable Elbows

Accessories Include:
Ink Well
Plans for next Halloween
Decoy Duck Christmas Present

Ball Jointed Neck
Bendable Wings

Accessories Include:
Clear Base for “Hover” Action
Scary Teddy Christmas Present w/ Display Stand

For all the images head on over to NECA

Source: NECA