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‘The Last Exorcism’ Sequel Gets A Title…

Website Know the Artist got their hands on an audition sheet for Studio Canal’s forthcoming The Last Exorcism sequel and thus discovered the film’s official shooting title:

Beginning of the End: The Last Exorcism II

The title implies that the sequel could actually be a prequel to first, which centered on an Evangelical preacher (Patrick Fabian), who, after years of performing exorcisms, decides to allow a documentary crew to film the last exorcism he plans to perform, in order to show his work is a fraud. Damien Chazelle penned the screenplay for the soon-to-be-filmed sequel.

Directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, Beginning of the End: The Last Exorcism II will star Spencer Treat Clark (Gladiator, Unbreakable) and Ashley Bell, reprising her role as the tormented Nell Sweetzer.



  • Petsnrocks



    Is anyone else having trouble reading the words. It is unreadable.

  • So far, I hate everything about this movie. An R rating? Highly unnecessary. The first was PG-13 and this one will just abuse the shit out of its blood/guts. And that title? Ugh. I’ll read the reviews on this one beforehand.

  • Accident-with-power-tools

    Loved the fist film, but that was mainly down to Patrick Fabians performance… I can see this going for gore and disappearing, soon they will announce 3d, have we had a 3d exorcism yet?

  • Marty_McFly

    Do we really need another one of those movies? The Exorcist was THE film, stop making dumb ass watered down copycats.

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