Eminem and D12 Gearing up to Make Horror Films?

Academy Award winner Eminem and his group D12 are in the news once again, but this time they are talking about something totally different than music- they are getting into the film business. If this news weren’t shocking enough, the plans are to make not one- but two horror films in the near future. Read on for details…
MTV writes:

There are no plans yet to remake “The Dirty Dozen,” but music’s own dirty dozen are heading to Hollywood. D12 plan to make two movies in the coming months, according to their spokesperson.

Few details have been released about the projects except that one, “Devil’s Night” (named after D12’s debut album), is a horror movie, and the other, “Runyon Cash,” is named after a street that members of the Detroit group grew up on, à la “8 Mile.” Both are scheduled for release in 2005.

Max Gousse and Jeremy Geffen, who together manage D12, are producing the movies. Gousse, who previously worked with B2K at Epic Records, executive produced “You Got Served.”

Source: MTV