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Rumor: ‘Jurasic Park IV’ Filming at Universal?

Update: Universal reps are denying the reports. Nothing like kick-starting the week off with a completely unconfirmed rumor, one that I’m sure will be squashed by the time I wake up. At least I can have one night filled with wonderful dreams of dinosaurs rocking military weapons and stomping on people’s heads. AICN pointed to blog site BehindtheThrills (which is now down from all of the traffic) that was hosting images of Universal Studios production board that listed Jurassic Park IV on stages 7, 10, 12 & 14. So this means a hilarious prankster either changed the board, or something “big” is going down at Universal. Is Joe Johnston working on building stages as he completes Captain America? Are they filming a teaser trailer? What the heck is going on? All I know is I want another trip to “Jurassic Park”…in 3-D.



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