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Garth Ennis’s CROSSED – Why aren’t you reading this?



Garth Ennis (Preacher) has never been a soft spoken writer…known for stories ripe with swearing, blood, and rape. Well he’s back and changing comics in the horror scene. Check more info after the jump…

Crossed starts off with a typical enough storyline: mysterious infection hits a town and people are trying to survive. That’s where it stops being typical. The infected have terrible ‘Crossed’ burns on their faces and they kill, maim, gore, rip appendages off and then proceed to have sex with said appendages. I believe Ennis is trying to evolve the zombie genre in the same vein as ’28 Days Later’

I cannot preface enough saying how intense some scenes in this comic are. That’s saying a lot coming from a horror comic editor. Rape, dismemberment, hedonism, child murder; If any of these sound good to you, CROSSED is your comic

Issue #2 came out last week and I am eager to go pick it up. If you can stomach it, you should be reading ‘Crossed’ right now.


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