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David Ellis’ Next: Vacation Fun Turns Deadly During ‘The Briar Lake Murders’

Earlier this morning we reported that David R. Ellis’ Shark Night 3D was going under the working title of The Briar Lake Murders. We were wrong (and deleted the article). It appears that The Briar Lake Murders is Ellis’ next feature film that’s early in the casting process. There is no shooting date scheduled as Ellis is finishing up Shark Night for Relativity Media (arriving in theaters this September). What we did learn is that Ellis will be working with cinematographer Daniel Pearl, who is known for his DP work on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003, Friday the 13th and Warners forthcoming The Apparition. We typed out an early synopsis inside.
A group of rude and insensitive city kids take a weekend vacation to Briar Lake, a picturesque town overlooking a beautiful lake, which to most outsiders would appear to be a peaceful small town. Having zero respect for anyone outside of their group, they are confronted by the hostile and eccentric residents. Following a bizarre experience in the town’s diner, they quickly retreat to the protection of their borrowed vacation lake house, where they plan to let loose and celebrate their weekend out of the city.

After an unexpected visit from the local police, the long weekend is cut short. Two of the locals have been brutally murdered, and this group of “outsiders” become the prime suspects. When the string of murders spins out of control, the group must come together to unravel Briar Lake’s sordid past and uncover the hidden secrets.

A vacation is always fun until you die!



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