'The Apparition' Described As 'The Strangers' Meets 'Texas Chainsaw' Meets 'Poltergeist' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Apparition’ Described As ‘The Strangers’ Meets ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Meets ‘Poltergeist’



Still a long ways out from its September 9 release date via Warners, star Sebastian Stan took some time out of talking Captain America to go into some detail on the Todd Lincoln-directed The Apparition. From the interesting collaboration method to the tone mixture of The Strangers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, it’s hard not to be excited. Details inside.
Speaking to MTV about the collaboration process: “It was amazing, We were all included creatively in the process. Todd Lincoln, who wrote and directed it, wanted that,” he explains. “We had rehearsal time when we could come together and sometimes rewrite things for the better. We had time to improvise and see what we were missing. We discovered a lot of stuff that way. Both Tom [Felton] and Ashley [Greene] are coming from such huge franchises themselves [‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’, respectively], they’ve sort of experienced every corner of celebrity or hype, so I kind of felt like I was more on the sidelines to that.

Stan continues talking about the tone: “To me, it was a mixture of “The Strangers” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Poltergeist.” Todd had a huge list of movies he wanted us to watch. We saw how horror was done in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s into today. It’s definitely more psychological than just “get scared!”

I think a lot of “Apparition” is similar to [‘Black Swan’],” he continues. “As an audience, you’re trying to figure out if something is happening or if you’re a witness in somebody’s dark thoughts.

It’s different than how anybody has seen her before. Both of our characters are very simple, relatable kids. Just to finally play somebody who’s more relatable rather than a vampire, somebody with flaws and dreams and goals and is struggling with life — that’s amazing. These kids don’t know what they want to do with their lives, just that they want to start living a simple life. There are great arcs in the characters and the story lines, and it’s going to be great for people to see her play that out.

The Apparition opens in theaters September 9.


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