Chester Bennington Calls 'Saw 3D' "Bad", Watch a Deleted Scene - Bloody Disgusting
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Chester Bennington Calls ‘Saw 3D’ “Bad”, Watch a Deleted Scene



BD regular ‘Jaykah’ pointed me in the direction of two very interesting Saw 3D news bites. First, inside you’ll find a deleted scene from the forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray release (January 25) featuring Dr. Gordon and Bobby converging on their beliefs and past times. In addition, he also stumbled upon an interview with Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington who calls the seventh film in the franchise “bad”. “I don’t know, man, that was a pretty bad movie. It was fun. I don’t actively go out and audition for movies.” I always get a kick out of stars admitting a film wasn’t up to their standards.


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