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‘Machine Girl’ Director Wraps ‘Tomie Unlimited’

Some news has been lurking on Anime sites since last September that just found its way into our world. 15-year-old actress Moe Arai stars in Tomie Unlimited, the latest live-action film based on Junji Ito’s popular Japanese horror manga series “Tomie”. The short stories in the original manga centered around a mysterious girl who appears again and again in various people’s lives and haunts them until their eventual end. Arai plays Tsukiko, a girl whose older sister is revived after an accident. 19-year-old actress and occasional manga creator Miu Nakamura will play Tomie herself. Director Noboru Iguchi – best known for Machine Girl & Robo Geisha – began shooting the film back on September 23. Since 1999, there have been seven live-action theatrical Tomie films and one live-action television adaptation. A US remake is still in development. Check out the first image and synopsis inside.
Tsukiko, who belongs to a photography club at high school, always feel inferior to her elder sister, Tomie. Tomie is breathtakingly beautiful and popular among the male students including Toshio, who Tsukiko is secretly in love with. However one day, an awful accident kills Tomie right in front of Tsukiko. Since then, Tsukiko suffers from a nightmare night after night. A year later, Tsukiko and her parents are silently surrounding a birthday cake to celebrate dead Tomie’s 18th birthday. Suddenly, they hear the eerie knocks on their door. Unbelievably, it is Tomie. She’s back. The father and the mother blindly welcome Tomie in tears, but Tsukiko feels instinct fear. Tomie gradually reveals her true face only when she is with Tsukiko. Now Tsukiko’s nightmare becomes reality, and the terrifying days begin…



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