UPDATE: Sundance '11: 'The Woman' Q+A Outrage, the Prequel! - Bloody Disgusting
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UPDATE: Sundance ’11: ‘The Woman’ Q+A Outrage, the Prequel!



Just yesterday we showed you this awesome video of an overly sensitive theater patron who stormed out of the Sundance Film Festival world premiere Q+A of The Woman, Lucky McKee’s (interview) Offpring sequel that’s been getting quite a bit of positive buzz following its screening. Anyways, we got to see the aftermath of an angry man, now inside you’ll find a short bit of his in-theater rage. “Are you a woman?!” Classic! While people think this is a publicity stunt, I so so so so so believe this to be real.
Update: Read Lucky McKee’s response and watch producer Andrew van den Houten’s response added below (rocking a sweet digital fireplace background.)


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