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Sundance ’11 REVIEW: ‘The Oregonian’ Lacks Substance

So much for the dark horse triumphing. I’m a huge fan of Calvin Reeder’s short works and was expecting to be on my hands and knees begging to see his feature film debut The Oregonian. Unfortunately, the only buzz out of Sundance was how bizarrely unstructured this mind-f*ck of a movie is. Ryan Daley couldn’t wrap his head around it — and in a very uncool, frustrating kind of way:

There’s so little substance to be found here, it makes for a difficult movie to discuss at length. The only aspect of importance is the lingering emotional impact. And the lingering emotion is annoyance. The biggest problem with The Oregonian is that Reeder seems to have made a film with the express purpose of frustrating his audience. It leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

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