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Two More ‘Final Destination’ Sequels Shooting Back-to-Back?

Are you guys clamoring for more Final Destination films? Statistically speaking, you may get your wish — and even better, per your infinite requests, you may be seeing a lot more of Tony Todd as “Bludworth”.

When asked what to expect from the upcoming Final Destination 5 Todd told Dread Central, “Thumbs up! Thumbs way up. They expanded my part, and the producer told me as we were leaving Vancouver that if it opens at Number 1 – which statistically it has – they’re going to shoot the next two simultaneously.

Back-to-back Final Destination sequels? A bigger role for Tony Todd? After the disastrous fourth film in the franchise, might New Line Cinema be headed in the right direction?! Producers promised a darker “return to the roots” approach for the Steven Quale-directed 3D pic arriving in theaters August 26. Sh*t, Quale is James Cameron’s protege, how is that not already moving things in the right direction? What do you guys think? That’s a whole lotta question marks…



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