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Dead Run TPB Out This Week



Sometimes I just like to nestle up to the fire and read a good book about post apocalyptic monster infested America. Well if you’re like me you won’t have to wait much longer for the trade paperback for Dead Run by Boom Comics. Dead Run comes out this week and it seems to be pretty fun…what do you think? More info after the break.
deadrun1c All Speed. No Limits.’ The end isn’t near…it’s here. America has become a wasteland, leaving the few cities that remain transformed into impenetrable fortresses. Beyond these walls lies The Zone, a brutal, plague-ravaged landscape stretching from one city to the next, populated by mutants, monsters, and warring factions of survivors driven insane by disease and starvation ‹ only the very brave or the very foolish voluntarily step foot outside the protective confines of the mega-cities. Nick Masters just happens to be a little bit of both. Nick¹s a driver, the best there is. If you need something picked-up, delivered, or disposed of, Nick¹s your man. And he¹s all business. But when he fails to deliver an important package to a local crime lord, Nick’s business suddenly becomes very personal.


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