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TV: Vampire King to Return to Land of ‘True Blood’?

Pure evil could return to HBO’s “True Blood” as actor Denis O’Hare tells the Hollywood Reporter that he may eventually return to the popular vampire series:

I left them on a high. They have been very, very nice to me, and they tell me that they think I’m going to come back,” he said about the possibility of a return of his character Russell Edgington, the flamboyant vampire king, to the show. “And I’m waiting. We’ll see what happens.

What would the storyline be?

Someone discussed a possible idea with me, which, of course, I can’t tell you,” O’Hare said. “But it’s a very cool idea. It’s not far fetched, but it’s not something that you would see coming.

The writing staff for “True Blood” has become notorious for throwing curve balls ending each episode with an insane OMFG moment. Need an example? How about one and two (or maybe the third below?)



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