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Latest ’11-11-11′ Blog Tells of Mysterious Illnesses

Shooting is close to wrapping in Spain on Darren Lynn Bousman’s religious horror flick 11-11-11, but not before he can squeeze in another blog or two. This morning he updated his official website with a list of “odd occurrences” that he found chilling, before throwing in a creepy story about a “ghost sighting”. He swears there’s no viral intent and that this is for realz. I believe it.

The more of these blogs I write, the more I begin to question my own sanity for writing them. I am at a point now where I am beginning to censor myself, because I feel that no one will believe the words i am writing,” he explained.

I, personally, have yet to see anything `unexplainable,’ but we have had some very upsetting injuries.

-The first night at the house, the second AD, Leo, fell while walking to set and broke his ankle…

-The script supervisor, Joana had to go to the hospital the second night in the house after falling violently ill.

-Last week, Jota (on set props) was standing still during a take when a light suddenly fell from the ceiling, hitting him on the head…

-Two hours after my parents arrived at the location, my dad became very ill and spent the remainder of the day back at the hotel throwing up…

But the truly cool story begins when, “About four days ago, one of the producers on the film came down to video village… He stood there for a couple of minutes… White as a sheet… After a long and uncomfortable silence, one of the crew members said, ‘What?’” Want to know what he saw? Click here for the full blog that also features some really cool behind-the-scenes photos.



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