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A Real-Deal Full Review from the ‘Scream 4’ Test Screening!

To kick off the New Year, Dimenion Films set up a slew of test-screenings for Wes Craven’s highly anticipated Scream 4. A few early, but incredibly vague reviews out of the showing were intensely positive, which I found hard to believe seeing that Craven flew back to Detroit for a few days of additional photography.

Since then, Craven has spoken out clearing the air that they were NOT reshoots, and that he was adding some sugar and spice to an already superior movie. This is standard practice from a director who gets back behind the camera. The truth is on film.

Anyways, Bloody Disgusting reader ‘KillorbeKilled’ was prevy to one of the test-screenings and was cool enough to send in his review. I’d say this is the first complete review that still is relatively spoiler-free. I have verified that our mystery writer was in fact at the screening. Knowing he enjoyed an early cut this much, Craven’s extra ingredients are sure to add more depth and flavor. How far away in April 15th again?

Review removed at the request of the studio. Thanks for checking!



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