‘BloodRayne’ Gains Cast- Loses Original Story

Uwe Boll never ceases to amaze me- never. Besides announcing Ben Kingsley, Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez to the cast of his video game adaptation of BloodRayne, he announced some MAJOR changes in the games storyline, which will upset serious fans. Will I ever loosen the leash, not until he makes a good movie. So read on for more on this disaster in the making (At least I added a super sexy picture to brighten the mood)…
Variety reports:

Ben Kingsley, Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez will star in “BloodRayne,” Uwe Boll’s $25 million adaptation of Majesco’s hit videogame about a fearless vampire killer who happens to be half-vampire herself.

Boll also has landed rights to White Wolf’s demon-killing game “Hunter: The Reckoning,” which is likely to become the helmer’s next project after “BloodRayne.”

In a move that surely will twist the knickers of the game’s fans, “BloodRayne” will be set in 18th-century Transylvania. The game takes place in 1930s Germany, pitting the heroine against Nazi vampire hordes.

In the film, written by Guinevere Turner (“The Ballad of Bettie Page,” “American Psycho””American Psycho”), Loken plays BloodRayne, a half-human/half-vampire who grows up as a circus freak until she is saved by the mysterious Brimstone Society. The org’s objective is to exterminate the legion of the undead headed by Kagan, the vampire poobah played by Kingsley.

It’s Loken’s second major role in a German production after Tandem Communications’ Nibelungen saga “Kingdom in Twilight.”

Rodriguez, along with Will Sanderson (“Alone in the Dark”) and Matt Davis (“Legally Blonde””Legally Blonde”), play fellow ghoul hunters in the war against vampirism.

Boll told Daily Variety the story’s changes were necessary for its adaptation to film. “We wanted to do without the whole ultramodern, latex-clad, ass-kicking vampire-hunter thing seen in ‘Underworld’ or ‘Matrix.’ We figured it would play much better in Transylvania in the 18th century without the whole Nazi angle, without modern transportation conveniences like planes and automobiles.”

Boll said the pic will be less seek-and-kill vidgame and more like “Brotherhood of the Wolf””Brotherhood Of The Wolf” or Roman Polanski’s “Fearless Vampire Killers.”

Pic is set to start shooting Monday at the Mediapro Studios in Buftea, Romania, and on location in the Transylvanian Alps, including Bran Castle, popularly known as Castle Dracula.

Boll, who will direct and execexec produce, is financing the pic through his $47 million private film fund 3rd Boll KG, which bankrolled the upcoming “Alone in the Dark,” based on the Atari game, and “House of the Dead,” an adaptation of the Sega franchise. Shawn Williamson of Canada’s Brightlight Pictures is producing.

Source: Variety, Nishinshu