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Brad Anderson Discusses His Hoped-For Next Project – Serial Killer Thriller ‘Jack’

During B-D reporter Chris Eggertsen’s recent discussion with director Brad Anderson about his latest film Vanishing on 7th Street (currently playing on VOD before it begins a limited theatrical run February 18th), the Session 9 helmer talked about the next project he’d like to get off the ground, serial killer flick Jack. The David Venable-scripted film, which was originally planned for an August 2010 start date with lead actor John Cusack, tells the story of an amnesiac accident victim who slowly begins to realize he’s a serial killer. Most recently Liev Schreiber was rumored to have been offered the lead role after Cusack seemingly dropped out, though Anderson told B-D the cast still hasn’t been locked down, and there is as of yet no firm start date.

I’m still trying to get something off the ground,” said Anderson of the numerous projects he’s developing. “I’m hoping it might be this movie ‘Jack’, which is a very commercial serial-killer thriller. It’s a good script, it’s very commercial but very well-written. So that is something that we’ve been trying to get the cast locking in to do, hopefully in the summer or early fall.

In addition, Anderson told B-D he’s still aiming to direct an adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel Concrete Island, scripted by Scott Kosar (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Machinist, The Crazies) and starring his Machinist lead actor Christian Bale.

Christian will be in it, when he has any time,” he told us. “So yeah, that’ll hopefully be a little further down the road.
Here’s the sales plot crunch:

He is one of the most dangerous and methodical serial killers alive and with Detective Pete Chandler hot on his trail, Jack always remains one step ahead of the law. Minutes after the death of his most recent victim, a near fatal car accident leaves Jack critically injured beyond recognition. With all memories of his violent past erased from his mind, he is taken under the watchful eyes of Dr. Marie Trent. Marie makes it her mission to rehabilitate Jack’s mind and body back to health yet finds herself falling for her own creation. As Jack and Marie’s relationship becomes more than professional, Jack starts to experience strange flashbacks and visions hinting to his dark past, which he hides from Marie. At first, he turns from these disturbing images and urges but when Marie’s colleague and former lover Henry pushes him too far, Jack snaps and strangles Henry…and in doing so, re-awakens his inner killer. Now fully aware of who and what he truly is, Jack struggles to contain his desires in order to stay with the woman he now loves. With Marie by his side and Detective Chandler on his trail, Jack is forced to decide to embrace his dark past or remain the morally sound man he has become.



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