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Trailer and Art for Brad Dourif’s ‘Death and Cremation’

We just scored a look at the EFM promo art and trailer for Justin Steele’s Death and Cremation, whcih stars Brad Dourif, Jeremy Sumpter, Scott Elrod, Daniel Baldwin, Debbon Ayer, Sam Ingraffia, Carly Craig, and Staci Keanan.

Having premiere at the Screamfest LA Horror FIlm Festival in CA this past October (read our review), “Jarod is a bullied and fatherless 17-year-old high school outcast. He is viewed as a freak and scorned by his fellow classmates. Home life for Jarod isn’t much better, as he has to put up with his nagging mother and her self-righteous boyfriend. Sick of the badgering, Jared finds after-school work as an apprentice at Stan’s Cremation House, a funeral home owned by the secluded Stan.

In time, Jarod starts to feel a strange, but comforting, connection to Stan and his work. When Jarod tells Stan of his troubles at school, Stan decides to rectify the problem by going on a local killing spree and eliminating the bullies, one by one, then burning their remains in his basement cremation kiln.

As the bullies start to disappear, detective Matt Fairchild investigates clues from the disappearances that lead him to the funeral home. Stan is then forced to speed up his education of Jarod, teaching him his twisted craft of killing. Jarod is a quick learner, and the two develop an unusual working relationship that evolves into an unholy partnership.



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