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Winter Break Takes a ‘Wrong Turn’

Back in January we broke the news that Fox Home Entertainment was gearing up for Wrong Turn 4, with the studio tapping Wrong Turn 3 director Declan O’Brien to return behind the camera. With shooting scheduled to begin this coming February in Winnipeg, we just now got our hands on the plot details:

In the fourth film in the popular franchise, a group of friends decide to go snowmobiling during their winter break. They make a “wrong turn” getting lost in a storm and seek shelter in an abandoned sanatorium. They are completely isolated by the storm, but the sanatorium has a troubled past and some of its former patients still reside there and are not happy about the intrusion. In a deadly game of cat and mouse the college kids must fight to survive the night. Only their wits can save them in this scary showdown locked away by the elements reminiscent of the classic film The Shining.

I wish they’d find a way to make the sequel look less “cheesy”.



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